Barns: The Disappearing American Icon

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The Woodworker and I enjoy driving out in the country to enjoy the peace and quiet, especially on a beautiful summer evening.  Last night was the perfect evening.  We rode for almost two hours with no destination in mind, around Genesee County, Shiawassee County and Saginaw County in Mid-Michigan.  Half way through our ride we swung through McDonalds for a fast food dinner we could eat in the car.  We drove paved roads, dirt roads, and roads that looked like nothing more than a narrow cow path.  We both spotted this cluster of barns a distance away, and the truck just seemed to want to go in that direction… so we did.

I love barns.  In fact, our first son’s baby quilt was a barn quilt with nine barns, quilted in a chicken wire pattern.DSC01583We drove up to the barns and I just had to get another picture or two.  They looked to be freshly painted and were next to a farmhouse that also looked lovingly tended. DSC03645 DSC03646 I love that they included the date on the largest barn:


Signing the date on the barn… kind of like signing and dating a quilt.

I feel another barn quilt in my future.


Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2010

3 thoughts on “Barns: The Disappearing American Icon

  1. I love barns too, so does my mom. She's an artist and loves to paint them, especially the falling-down ones. I love barns like this – well-tended and neat looking. I miss the countryside!
    Your son's quilt is lovely!


  2. I LOVE barns and one of these days I will make a barn quilt. Love the barn you showed here and your son's barn quilt is wonderful. Love that you quilted it in a chicken wire pattern!
    what a treasure this quilt is.

    would love to see the farm house too!
    any other barn pictures, please do share!


  3. Oh, I think we are NEIGHBORS…because I live just around the corner from that barn…and the house sits next to it is lovely as well as the house across the road from that barn is even more stunning…I live in an old farmhouse built 1898…

    I wonder if you skip on over to my blog if you'll recognize my house, too?!

    I love taking drives down Juddville Road…


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