Ready for Stitchin’

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Finished the top… waiting for backing to arrive so I can quilt and ship.

Is it “manly” enough?

4 thoughts on “Ready for Stitchin’

  1. I LOVE this quilt – yes, it's manly enough! Reminds me of the ocean, no matter what colorway it's in. I saw one on flickr the other night, and thought it might work for some of my Sis Boom fabrics – we'll see!


  2. LOvely quilt…. I just saw a FREE pattern like that on OH FRANSSON's web page called NEW WAVE QUILT. then I came here and saw the same pattern. I loved seeing it in different colorways. More Manly and utterly feminine…

    I had been playing with the idea of making that pattern for my newphew ( In his colors) … I guess it is just destine to be done…

    Thanks for showing it.



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