Take time for self-reflection… OR There’s a reason they’re called UFO’s

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This post was triggered by a fellow quilter perhaps a month ago when she said she had pulled out an older quilt top and was astonished at the color green she had used.  I commented back on Diane’s blog that she was not alone.  I, too, fell prey to a pretty, albeit strange green once upon a time.  I knew I still had the project somewhere in the basement.   But which blue Rubbermaid tub was it in?

Tonight, I located it.  And yes, this project has many flaws. 

It began with my desire to create a masterpiece back in the early 1980’s.  I wanted an elegant, period-looking piece reminiscent of the 1800’s.  A beautifully appliquéd piece with lots of room for teeny tiny hand quilting stitches that were my strongest talent at the time.  I decided the repeated blocks (9 in all) would be best stitched together (flaw Number 1) on the same piece of muslin, not sewed individually and then pieced together.  The muslin I used was not the best quality.  That’s flaw Number 2.


I wanted a red, green and white quilt, yet something went terribly wrong.

Flaw Number 3:  I opted for polished cotton in pink and burgundy.   POLISHED cotton. UGH.

Flaw Number 4: It’s not green.  It’s a deeper greenish turquoise.  It’s pretty, but it’s the wrong color.  Totally wrong. Actually, I think it’s the same “green” as Diane used. 

Flaw Number 5: I should have finished appliquéing the blocks and THEN planned and sewed the border.  I think I had a huge attack of ADHD back then.

I will say, in looking carefully at my appliqué stitches, it was beautifully sewn. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see for yourself.  The bias-cut fabric was also beautifully crafted.  It’s perfectly even, nicely pressed and stitched down.  Really!  The little “green” leaves are not too shabby, either!    OK, this is really wrinkled, but it’s been crammed into that Rubbermaid tub for almost/over 30 years!   That might be older than YOU!  I’m no spring chicken, you know!

Yes indeed, there’s a reason we have so many UFO’s tucked away in silence.  It’s a good thing they don’t speak up and make themselves heard more often.  crazy

I DO think it’s good to look carefully at my work.  I know it helps me become a better quilter.  But sometimes I question my sanity. What was I thinking?