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I haven’t posted in awhile.  Nothing super exciting going on.  In fact, just the opposite, I think.  Sometimes 34501_1452290501090_1048090427_31311091_7244054_nwe all just need some time and space to let the dust settle after a whirlwind event… like a wedding.  It caught up with me, and my brain and body are fighting back.  When that happens, I need to rest both.   My baby boy is now happily married… and we’re all so happy!


So here’s some random thoughts, bits and pieces from my resting brain.

  • Michigan has its own oil spill.  It’s not the size of the one in the gulf, but it’s huge for the environment.  How does one fight back something of this magnitude?
  • October 18th is the date.  I’m excited, yet I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say I’m scared and nervous.  I’m having a gastric bypass.  Oct. 18th is the date of the new me.  Kind of like a birthday all over again.
  • I’m ready for fall already.  The heat and lack of rain is getting to me.
  • It’s amazing how creative you can feel when you get a new art catalog in the mail.  I want one of those, three of those, and a tube of each color, please.
  • I think the court system in our country takes advantage of people who need them the most.  It’s nothing more than a way to gouge people who are hurting, down and out.  Especially when it comes to divorce.  I’d like to take the judge who presided over my brother’s case and pound him into the ground.  I’m just sayin… a person can only take so much. 
  • Really looking forward to going to the quilt show in Ann Arbor this weekend.  Loads of fun and inspiration.  YAY!