Sometimes a Thing Just Needs to be Done

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And so it goes, hopefully.

NOT the easy way, but surgically.  It’s called Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y: Gastric Bypass Surgery, and it will happen on October 18th.  I’m calling it my “REbirth day.” Am I nervous?  Am I scared?  You betcha!  But I’m also tired of the extra person I’m carrying around, so… there it is.

I talked to my cardiologist last April, and he things it’s a good idea.  It will help the other problem I have, but how much we won’t know until it happens.  I have something called P.O.T.S.  Here’s a brief explanation about it:

“While the hallmark of POTS is an excessive heart rate increment upon standing, patients often exhibit numerous symptoms of autonomic nervous system dysregulation, and research by the Mayo Clinic suggests POTS is a limited autonomic neuropathy (.  Many POTS symptoms seem to be caused by an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system’s control over blood flow. It is the autonomic nervous system (ANS) that regulates the needed adjustments in vascular tone, heart rate and blood pressure upon standing. Some of the messages coming from the autonomic nervous system tell the blood vessels to relax or tighten. In people with POTS, the system seems to be out of balance and blood is not going to the right place at the right time to do what the body needs (Fischer, 2007).”  To read more about it, go to this site.

For me, POTS means that:

I can’t walk long distances without getting dizzy.  Anything that requires above-average cardiac exertion causes me problems.   I don’t tolerate heat well, as my autonomic nervous system doesn’t regulate heat the way it should.  If I stand for long periods of time, my body gets confused, and my heart rate climbs and my blood pressure drops very low.

And no, before you leave me a comment to tell me to get up more slowly from a seated position, that doesn’t fix the problem.  This is much different.

So, being the avid reader that you are of Michigan Quilts (LOL), from time to time you might hear about my journey to a new, healthier me.  Want to lose weight with me?