A Gluestick on Sale = Great Applique!

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First of all, I need to give Holly Mabutas a HUGE thank you for taking the time to email me back after I sent her a question on her gluestick tutorial that I found on her website http://eatcakegraphics.com.  I have used glue on quilts before, but just in the bindings.  I knew it was also used by quilters in appliqué but had never tried it.   To make sure I knew what I was doing before I started my October Calendar Block of the Month, I did a Google search on glue stick appliqué.  There I found Holly’s instructions on her online rubber stamp and quilt pattern company website.  If you’re into scrapbooking and rubber stamps, it’s also a great place to visit!    So, on my lunch hour yesterday, I ran to Office Max and found a jumbo-size glue stick on sale.   Yay, me!

In case you look at her instructions and think the same thing I did, YES, the freezer paper goes on the FRONT of the fabric.  The fabric gets turned back on itself, NOT on the paper.  Please Home stretchcheck out her tutorial and give her a big thanks!  I loved how it worked on the pumpkins I was appliquéing, and will be using it on other shapes in the future.   Starting on pumpkins was a good idea, as they have gentle curves and no strange shapes.  So far, I love it!  Thanks, Holly!

I’m on the home stretch on my black and tan quilt.  With any luck, the quilting will be finished this weekend.  I say “with any luck,” as there is the usual weekend cleaning, grocery shopping and visiting Dad to do.  There is also my husband’s 40th class reunion tonight, which, by the way, is OUTSIDE.


Need I say more?