In Search of the Perfect Colors

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I love hand quilting, particularly when done well in a pleasing design.   There is nothing I enjoy more than hand quilting during the cooler seasons in Mid-Michigan.  And, having great colors on which to quilt makes it all the more enjoyable.  

A bazillion years ago, I created the pattern you see here (sorry it’s so  faded…).  See the dark feathery portion in the white circle?  I’m going to use that pattern as the beginning of my quilt.  I have been drawn to the old “cheddar” color of Civil War quilts.  So I set out on a search for the perfect cheddar.  I wanted the perfect color to go with it, so I pulled out the color wheel.

ColorWheelComplementary colors are any two colors which are directly opposite each other.  Voila – blue.  Nothing in my house is blue.  The combination of orange and blue is definitely not my thing.  I usually use a palette of colors my husband calls “Caron Colors.”   This is not in that palette at all.

I wanted just the right orange, and just the right blue.   So I visited our local “big box” home improvement store for paint chips.   


I like Behr paint.  It goes on well.  Behr has rich colors, like these oranges and blues.  Aren’t they luscious?!?




Then I searched for Kona cotton fabric. I LOVE Kona!!! I found just what I was looking for at my fav online quilt shop,




I think the colors are perfect together!

This will be a 2-color quilt, and I don’t know exactly how it will look when it’s finished.  Sometimes I plan the entire quilt, sometimes I don’t.  I’m going to let this one speak to me as I go along.

We have a bit of orange in our house:   just one wall that spans our dining room and kitchen.  Perhaps I’ll be tired of orange by spring.  But maybe not. 

Watch this space over the next few months and see what happens.  The working title for the project is “Feathered Cheddar.”

3 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Colors

  1. Great idea to use paint chips for colors! I love the orange and blue together – I can't wait to see this one come together, Caron! Love your wall too, that must really warm things up when the snow flies!


  2. blue is not a color I work in either BUT lately it seems I am drawn to it.
    I love the 2 together, what colors are they from KONA, I happen to love kona too.
    LOVE your block, can't wait to see what you make with it. Me, I would love the pattern and blow it up to 20″ or so and make it a 4 block quilt with a nice feathered border.
    yours looks so folk arty and lately I am so drawn to the whimsy of folk art. Please share your progress on this one as blue and orange are our schools colors.


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