Smile and Say “Cheese”

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I didn’t want to do it.  Ok, I really did.  But I had other more pressing quilting issues, but couldn’t stop myself.   I washed my Kona Cotton, both the orange (Cheddar) and blue (Windsow).   And ironed it.  And cut into it. 


<  This fabric




I pulled out my template, which many years ago I made from Xray film with paper clued to the back. 

I traced on the orange background square, which had the center lines lightly pressed for placement.


IMG00118-20100822-1247 I traced again on the blue. I trim around the design as I sew along. Which I began doing.  It is a tedious process with this block, as between the feathers there isn’t much to turn under. But…



I was a happy girl!IMG00120-20100822-1938

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