Kat Campau Lecture and Cheddar Progress

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I’m making steady progress on block one of “Feathered Cheddar.”  I’m also loving the colors together!!! Feathered Cheddar 8/26/2010 I did a little work during the meeting portion of quilt guild last night, so almost 3/4 of the way done with this block.

Kat Campau, art quilter from Saline, Michigan was at guild last night and I learned that she lives about 1/4 mile from where my youngest son used to live!  She has even met him out on dog walks because they both had the same breed (miniature pinchers).  Small world, isn’t it?  She also has a quilt in the upcoming Michigan Quilt Artists invitational, so I may see her again in a few weeks at the opening reception.  Oh – and I met a reader of the Michigan Quilts blog!  That was fun!

Here are just a few quilts from her lecture; please visit Kat’s website to see more of this prolific quilter’s work! 




DSC03853  Kat, showing her quilts

3 thoughts on “Kat Campau Lecture and Cheddar Progress

  1. You are making progress! Do you cut as you go?
    Wow she has lovely quilts – is it just me or is there an awful lot of talent in this state of ours? Must be the long winters. *G*


  2. I really LOVE this block! your making progress, keep going! and keep sharing PLEASE!
    really love your color choices and the design is just folk art looking yet sooo traditional soo my style.


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