More About Cheddar Quilts

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Once you know how to spot a cheddar fabric, you’ll notice them a lot. I love reading Barbara Brackman’s blog and today read this post:

aqsg star symposiumand saw this gorgeous star quilt.  Cheddar all over!   Stunning!


And from  Michelle’s blog at “ is this hand appliqued, hand quilted beauty based on an antique quilt presently owned by the Quilt Study Museum  in Lincoln, Nebraska.”

2007.107.18I love Amish quilts for their simplicity and bold designs.  They have a very contemporary look to them.  And this one with cheddar?  How cool is that?!


Unknown Amish quiltmaker
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
c1890       82″ x 84″


This beauty was probably made in the 1940s.  The pattern is Rob Peter to Pay Paul, or Orange Peel.  I found this at The Patchwork Chronicles.

GMRST1Rolling Stone/Garden Maze Antique Quilt Top

There are several fantastic quilts from the collection of Sandra Mitchell for you to look at on Julie Silber’s blog.  Please go there and check them out. You’ll want to bookmark her website and keep coming back!  Some of the most gorgeous and unique quilts ever are collected by Julie and her mother. 

Please go there now!

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