Fenton Quilt Show 2010

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Yesterday DH and I attended the Fenton United Methodist Church Quilt Show. It was a nice mix of antique and new quilts.   Here are some that really caught my eye.  I tried to take a photo of each description tag as I went along.  You should be able to click on the photos to enlarge them.

DSC03867Floral Elegance by Sherry Brown

Quilted by Barb Helwig


Baltimore Album by Mary Stone

Quilted by Barb Helwig



Ohio Star, 1890’s the tag says…

Beautifully hand quilted!




Anthurium by Patricia Shepard

Quilted by Barbara Helwig










Jacobean Elegance by Marion Reed

Quilted by Helen Novak







Rainbow Stars by Dan Burke

Quilted by Kari Smith


  No name

by Jane Reed

Quilted by Barbara Helwig

Anyone guess why I love this quilt so much?

I think this group of quilters kept Barbara Helwig busy!  She does nice work!

5 thoughts on “Fenton Quilt Show 2010

  1. Oh I wish I'd known about this one – Caron, how do you find out about them? I have a cousin who lives in Fenton. But she's not a quilter. 😦

    I see why you love the last one so much – CHEDDAR!! Yes, Barbara does lovely work, I think they keep her very busy, lol. The Ohio Star is my favorite – must be the pink.


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