Quick Thoughts

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  • Sue Garman has a post about cheddar quilts… check out her blog to see a pretty medallion quilt with cheddar. 
  • Have you ever visited “The Quilter’s Message Board?” 
  • I’m always amazed by people who don’t seem to read or comprehend what has been written… and then ask a question where the answer should have already smacked them in the face.  You too?
  • I love the blog “Glorious Applique’,” but not enough to become a contributor of the blog by making a specific quilt.  Beautiful work!
  • I would like to hide and be invisible in Patricia Eaton’s “Birds Nest” for a week and follow her around.  Her work amazes me!


There is a virtual launch party tonight for Connor Coyne’s book “Hungry Rats.”

Location: http://stickam.com/connorcoyne

Time: 9:00PM Wednesday, September 1st   (I believe this is Central time…)

If you’re a reader, check it out.


  • Lots of people are sewing clamshells these days… I can’t do that; I’m allergic to shellfish.
  • The weatherman says we will get rain in mid-Michigan today.  I’ll believe it when I feel it.  We’ve had so little rain all summer, the leaves are falling from the trees already.
  • I’m dropping my “Floral Star of Bethlehem” off at the Longway Planetarium on my lunch hour today.  It will be exhibited there next weekend. 


  • I just read an interesting article on today’s artists needing blog space.  I fully agree with the author.
  • Have you ever done anything so much that you thought you’d throw up?  My Feathered Cheddar quilt may have so many tiny circles appliquéd onto it, I might just do that.   Just warning you right now.

3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

  1. Caron – THANK YOU for pointing out your blog to me! I have signed up to follow it; your posts are wonderful! I edited my own post on cheddar quilts after reading your comment — and I can't wait to see your cheddar quilt, finished!


  2. LOTS of quick thoughts, lol. Yes, I've done many things so many times that I thought I'd throw up – I hate doing the same thing over and over! I'm sure your quilt is looking marvelous.


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