Block of the Month Calendar: October


When I think of October, I think pumpkins.   Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, carving pumpkins… pumpkin anything, actually!  I live in Michigan, so we are blessed with beautiful color in the fall.  It’s my favorite time of year!

For our October block, I chose “The Pumpkin Family.”  This is a flexible block; my pumpkin family doesn’t need to look like your pumpkin family!  Since this goes on Jacob and Samantha’s calendar that hangs on their kitchen/dining room wall, I wanted something cheerful that represented them.  So in the back row of this block we have Daddy, Mommy, Samantha, and in the front we have Jacob.  Sean is rarely without his Detroit Tigers hat.  Kim has on lipstick, Samantha has cute little pumkin’ curls, and Jacob is looking at Mommy for advice.  Who is in your family?  Jazz up your block to make it uniquely yours.

Sean and family at brother Loren’s wedding

For the pattern for “The Pumpkin Family,” click on the block on the right side of the screen.

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2010

Who Are You as a Quilter?

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Can a stranger look at your quilts and know what your specialty is?

Would they know what makes you tick?

How about knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are?

If you visit quilt shows around the world, you can spot “famous quilter’s names” on workshop doors.   When you see them, you can usually take a guess at what the general topic of their class will be.  You know what they stand for.

For example, what stands out when you see these names?  For each name, can you name one or two things that are their specialty?

  • Diane Gaudynski
  • Barbara Brackman
  • Pepper Cory
  • Gwen Marston
  • Ami Simms
  • Bonnie Hunter
  • Ricky Tims
  • Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • Karen McTavish

Here’s a challenge for you:  If a stranger looked at your work, could they tell you something about yourself?  What would they say?

I challenge you to “step up your game” over the next year and make a statement about who you are as a quilter.  Do some soul searching about what you have created, what you like making, what you enjoy seeing, and do more to improve yourself in that area.  Share more about this side of you with others… on your blog, in shows, in your guild… on Facebook… any where you can, really. 

I know that as quilters, there is so much that we see and enjoy.  We WANT to do it all.  But we can’t.  So let’s fine-tune ourselves and see what we come up with?  It doesn’t have to be popular.  It doesn’t have to be the same as everybody else.  But it DOES need to be uniquely YOU.

Give it a shot!   Tell us a little about your specialty in the comment area below.

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