26-50 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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This is a continuation of Things You Might Not Know About Me from September 2, 2010.

26. I can’t stand finding drops of water on countertops. Please wipe up after yourself.
27. I’m organized, you just don’t know it. I know where everything is in my piles.DSC02656
28. I don’t have a fancy quilt studio, I have an unfinished basement where my  quilting stuff lives. See #27.
29. Who knew you could break your elbow sledding? (age 9)
30. I love doing research. Please lock me in a good library and throw away the key.
31. If I could get paid and get health insurance to quilt and write – you can bet I’d do it in a heartbeat.
32. I used to sit on a big rock in the Flint River and think for hours.
33. I have only been to Florida once… and didn’t leave the hotel once. (Orlando conference, March 2010). That is rare for a Michigander!
34. I am one-quarter Cherokee, or so I’ve been told. I think it explains my love for going barefoot.
35. My paternal grandmother was a quilter and I never met her. I just found that out within the last year.
36. I have started a novel, but haven’t found much time to work on it.
37. I own a fabulous quilt shop in my mind. You would love it! It’s part of a bed and breakfast (also in my mind).
38. I don’t understand the popularity with quilt kits.DSC02693
39. I want to yell at people who think they know more than the instructor. If you know more, why are you here? Be nice, please!
40. I love my house, I hate where it’s at. Do you think I could rent a big crane  and move it?
41. I would like to live on the water. See #40.
42. I would have been a good farmer if I didn’t have to lift a finger. I like sheep… chickens…MontanaMountains
43. In a former life, I lived in the mountains. I just know I did.
44. Speaking of mountains, I’d love to be in Montana on the side of a mountain overlooking a stream. Give me a good Internet connection and it would be perfect.
45. I prefer hand quilting over machine quilting. I think hand quilting is becoming a rarity.
46. I never want to teach graduate students teacher ed classes again. They make the WORST students!
47. I think teaching second grade was my favorite age group.
48. I wish I could have had a teaching job on Mackinaw Island (Michigan). What a unique setting!
49. October is my favorite month.
50. I hate shopping for anything but quilting supplies.