Quilts At The Planetarium

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Last night Longway Planetarium hosted a reception for all the people who had quilts on display there for the Flint (Michigan) Festival of Quilts.  It was fun seeing the different quilters and the quilts they made!  I fell in love with this quilt:

It’s called “Cartwheel Constellation by Barbara Mercer, made in 2010.  Some of the smaller quilts were hung on free-standing grating, which allowed you to see around the quilts and see what was going on.  Here’s a peek (with Barbara’s tag in the foreground).
  This quilt also caught my eye.  It’s based on the pattern “Snail’s Trail.”  I love blue and white quilts, and I’ve wanted to do this pattern for quite awhile.  DSC03933
After I took the picture of the tag for this quilt, a woman somewhere behind me said “Thank you!”  I turned around, and she said she appreciated people who appreciated the quilt enough to take a photo of the quilt maker’s name and description, as well as the quilt.
If you read my blog fairly regularly, you know I like to get the information on quilts whenever I can.   I agree with Viola.  It takes a lot of work and time to make a quilt.  We need to appreciate the quilt makers and give them credit for what they do.   

 Someone was nice enough to volunteer to take a picture of me with my quilt

“Floral Star of Bethlehem.” 
More quilts are on exhibit all weekend long downtown Flint. 
I hope you can stop in and see them!