Quilts At The Planetarium

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Last night Longway Planetarium hosted a reception for all the people who had quilts on display there for the Flint (Michigan) Festival of Quilts.  It was fun seeing the different quilters and the quilts they made!  I fell in love with this quilt:

It’s called “Cartwheel Constellation by Barbara Mercer, made in 2010.  Some of the smaller quilts were hung on free-standing grating, which allowed you to see around the quilts and see what was going on.  Here’s a peek (with Barbara’s tag in the foreground).
  This quilt also caught my eye.  It’s based on the pattern “Snail’s Trail.”  I love blue and white quilts, and I’ve wanted to do this pattern for quite awhile.  DSC03933
After I took the picture of the tag for this quilt, a woman somewhere behind me said “Thank you!”  I turned around, and she said she appreciated people who appreciated the quilt enough to take a photo of the quilt maker’s name and description, as well as the quilt.
If you read my blog fairly regularly, you know I like to get the information on quilts whenever I can.   I agree with Viola.  It takes a lot of work and time to make a quilt.  We need to appreciate the quilt makers and give them credit for what they do.   

 Someone was nice enough to volunteer to take a picture of me with my quilt

“Floral Star of Bethlehem.” 
More quilts are on exhibit all weekend long downtown Flint. 
I hope you can stop in and see them!

4 thoughts on “Quilts At The Planetarium

  1. You and your quilt look terrific. 8) I completely agree with you about always providing information about the quilts you post. I wish everyone was as careful. Sure it takes more time, but nearly all the larger shows specify that pictures of quilts have to have attribution. It's amazing to me how many people don't think the rules apply to them. lol BTW that Constellation quilt is a knockout!

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas


  2. I love that blue snails trail, I am actually working on that same quilt but only in red and white for my oldest son. In the magazine with the patten it is called “Shakesphere in the Park” I really like it too. Love all the quilts that you have shown.


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