Good Morning, Deer!

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It was a normal, relaxing weekend… we celebrated my father’s 88th birthday by taking him to breakfast on Saturday.  Hubby Dean created this table for a birthday present… it was made from a slab of wood he’s kept since cutting the tree down on our property in the early 60’s.  He was SO excited to get it!


On Sunday morning, I was walking through the living room and happened to catch some movement outside the window.   We had visitors!   The deer come up every fall from the creek to eat the apples off our tree. 


This little one also checked out the bird feeder to see if there were any yummy snacks there for her. 


A walk downtown, grilling out on the deck, a good movie (The Book of Eli) and some appliqué on “Feathered Cheddar” made for a great time.  No stress.  All relaxing.   What could be better?