What Do People Know About You?

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You have probably already tried to Google your name.  I know you have!  When I Google my name, I get angry.  I worked for about three years as a R_E_A_L_T_O_R (spelled with spaces so it doesn’t get picked up by the search engine) and did a lot of marketing to get my name out there for business.   Now when I search my name, I still find references to THAT profession no matter how hard I try to get rid of it. 

But have you ever gone to Google Images and searched your name there? When I did that, I was trying to see what pops up the most.  What am I recognized for?  What do people think of when my name comes up?  Is it good or bad?  Here’s a peek at what I found when I did that.  I love that my Floral Star of Bethlehem quilt pops up all over the place!


Sometimes you’ll be surprised at what you find.  Like, who’s the guy I circled above?  His last name is Mosey.  My son and daughter-in-law’s wedding pictures is also on there because I posted about them after the wedding this summer.

Sometimes it’s good to check your reputation online.   How’s yours today?  Let me know what you find!

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