Two Color Quilts

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Q:  Just what is a two-color quilt?
A:  A two color quilt is just that… a quilt with ONLY two colors in it.   Actually, the name “two color” is a misnomer.  It should say, “Two solid color”, as that is the true definition of a two color quilt.
There is a difference!
This is a true two-color quilt:

It is a quilt I made from a small stack of old quilt blocks I purchased at an antique shop in 1982.  I put them together and quilted it.  I loved the simple nature of the pinwheels.  It’s blue and white.  that’s all… nothing more, nothing less.

This is another two-color quilt from the Angry Chicken blog:

How many fabrics do you see in this picture?
TWO.  Just two.  The background and the red.

Humble Quilts has a collection of nice two-color quilts on her blog.  Please go take a look.  Here’s one peek:

Again, just two colors: red and white.  The same red solid throughout, the same white solid throughout.

While it might look like it at first, the following quilt is NOT a two color quilt:
Wheel of Mystery
This is a small slice of a quilt I made years ago.   The green is actually a PRINT.  Yes, there are two fabrics in the quilt, but only one of them is a solid.

Here’s your TWO-COLOR QUILT test:  can you pass?
A two-color quilt has:
A) lots of different fabrics in two colors
B) lots of different fabrics, but two main colors pop out at you
C) only two printed fabrics
D) only two fabrics, both of them being solids
If you picked D, you were right!!!   Good job!