It needed a little something more…

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From this:

To this:

I decided I wanted to include the center portion of the block after all.  It needed it!

Now to sew all four blocks together… and think about the border.  Do you plan out your whole quilt before you make it?  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  I have ideas for this border, but I want to play a bit before I start creating what’s in my mind. 

This is actually a traditional quilt block called “Feathered Crown.”  What other quilt blocks do you know of that have the word “feather” or “feathered” in their name?

One thought on “It needed a little something more…

  1. so do you know of a book that this pattern is in?
    I like the center shape fills in the block, can't decide which way I like it better though.
    looking forward to seeing your border ….
    most times I just let the quilt grow and the ideas come as I make the blocks for the border or setting.
    other times I see the whole quilt in my head . Mostly though my quilts are inspired by antique quilts


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