There’s Always a Nutcase in Every Forum

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Inside every forum there is at least one NUTCASE.  I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of any forum that didn’t have one person who either

  1. thought they were the only expert in the world
  2. served as Gestapo and policed the site with vigor
  3. threw around snotty comments directed at other people
  4. argued with everything that was said

Yesterday was such a day for me, and I’ll not likely be back to visit that forum, which is a shame… lots of nice people there. 


Should you decide to join a forum, make sure you:

  • –Read all the rules that the OWNER of the forum has created (remember, someone owns the forum), and decide if you can live with them
  • –Be a lurker at the forum for awhile before you decide to post anything.  Get a feel for the people.

–Decide if you want to use your REAL name or make one up; this is important!

–Also decide if you want to provide a link to your website or blog.   Remember the NUTCASE that lurks in every forum. He or she will treat your website/blog the same way he/she treats the forum (remember your blog may allow people to leave comments!).

4 thoughts on “There’s Always a Nutcase in Every Forum

  1. Soooo true. It would seem that a topic as wonderful and uncontroversial as quilting or textile art would be immune from crazy posts, but alas, it isn't so. In fact, I had to drop off a Buddhist list because, it, too, became unbearable due to a few posters. Strong moderation is helpful, but can't totally solve the problem. If people could only post what they'd say to someone face to face, that would stop 90% of it.

    Thanks for your blog and for all the work you're doing on YesWeCanJane. And happy stitching!



  2. I am totally understanding of this. Seems like it took me a while to realize this, and now I'm just for reading and rarely posting. This happens on every board I've been at the past few years. Makes me wonder what in the world is up with folks.


  3. LOL – I've been helping moderate a homeschool forum for about 14 years – oh yes and they do come out of the woodwork at times, in droves! You certainly need a thick skin to run one.


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