You CAN Get Something for Nothing

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poorApparently there aren’t enough good deeds in the world.  At least, according to a quilt forum I recently frequented.  I had an idea for a project I wanted to undertake that would provide quilting information from experienced quilters to non-experienced (or mildly experienced) quilters free of charge.  Many quilters around the world don’t have the good fortune to be able to afford quilt books or to attend seminars from “famous” quilters.  When you can barely afford to put food on your table, things like that just are not options.
secret It’s a well-known fact that when you are working on a large project, no matter what it is, there are times when you need to keep the important details to yourself.  Think about inventors.  Think about composers, authors, scientists… the list could go on.  You and I know that there are times when you need to hold your cards close to your chest to prevent others from knowing what’s in your hand.  Once they know, they have the potential to take it from you.
I’ve been an active participant in a particular quilt forum that will remain nameless.  I wanted to know what questions fairly new quilters had about the quilting process.  So I posed the question that you see in the top right corner of this blog.  Quilters started responding and submitting some FANTASTIC questions!   They were eager!   They had a lot of curiosity and weren’t afraid to ask things that were on their minds. No question was stupid!  I also asked my own guild the same question.  I emailed several different groups that I belong to, and in 5 days time, have received way over 200 great questions.hitthefan
And then it hit the fan.  Someone asked what, specifically, this was for.  Who was making money from this?  What was this book going to be called?  Who was the publisher? Etc.
I will admit, I responded in a very vague manner.  I clearly said this wasn’t a book (and it isn’t).  There isn’t a publisher… there is me.  There is no charge, hence there is no money being made.
cop And then a very nasty quilter replied and started throwing accusations around. Not. Nice. At. All. Then the forum cop showed up with her deputy badge and threw the whole discussion in jail, slammed shut the door and turned the key.
I wrote to the Admin of the forum.   The owner.  The top topdogdog. 
He wrote back several times, and judging by the tone of his writing, it could  be the same person as the grumpy complainer mentioned before.
“Will it be available for re-distribution on other sites or do you plan to attract people to your site by advertising the free download hosted there?”
“Will the file itself be used to promote/advertise some website or blog with links included in the file?”
“I’ve been selling e-books, offering freebies and doing other kinds of online marketing for over 10 years. And I’m sorry to tell you, but the “idea” of asking the target audience about what they want to read in order to produce “just the right” content is really old. So I wouldn’t worry about someone stealing that idea. It has been stolen, sold, and rented out more times than one can count.”

OK, so I’m a stupid idiot, huh?!?!? 

Nope, I don’t think so.  So I tossed my credentials and alphabet soup at him, (B.S., M.A., Ed.S.) and said  “If you would prefer to NOT have the thread on your site, please by all means take the entire thread down. I’m sensing a lot of skepticism on your part, and my project is only about assisting quilters. I thought that was a GOOD thing.”
So, the discussion was removed from the forum, and his response?  Get this:
“Frankly, I’m more skeptical when people state that their only motive is to “help others” than of anything else.”
Yes, what a wonderful world it would be if people stopped helping others. 
crazy Good grief.
So even though I’ve come into contact with a couple of NUTCASES over the last few days, the project is still on, and yes, I am really looking forward to providing quilters with answers to some of their important questions.  
After all, we don’t have anything to hide in the world of quilting, do we? 
I have a great list of questions.  If you’d like to be one of the people who helps a new quilter understand something better, for FREE, please drop me an email. 
And if you live near me, I’d be happy to show you how to hand quilt.  For free.  Really.

8 thoughts on “You CAN Get Something for Nothing

  1. So sad that now a days everyone is so suspicious of someone who wants to do something! How far we've come in technology but how much we've lost in trusting and faith in each other. Something just doesn't seem right does it. Good luck in your 'giving'..I hope there are folks out there that will accept your gift of quilting knowledge!


  2. Wow… That seems a little insane to me that ANYONE would get worked up over you asking that question! Even if you WERE using the questions to write a book and you were going to profit from it, all they have to do is NOT ANSWER it…. I don't understand why they would take such time out of their day to make you and your idea/question the center of their world if they are so opposed to it!

    Kudos to you for wanting to help others! I know that for me, personally, a beginner CRAFTER in general and especially when it comes to quilting, I love being able to google and find free tutorials or youtube videos to answer any of my questions, and I think its great that many people take time out of their day to provide resources like that!


  3. Hmmm….this guy sounds like he's wound a little too tight. I think this is a fabulous idea. I'm one of the ones that has never been able to afford a class or workshop, or many books or dvd's – I've learned it all either through books at the library or just by trial and error. The internet wasn't around then, and I really thank God for it now! Except, of course, when I run into people like that.

    Caron, I'm not a great quilter. I don't do needleturn applique, my piecing leaves a lot to be desired, and picking colors is pure agony – but I'd be happy to help in any way I can. And if anyone lives near me, I'd be happy to help them learn hand quilting without a hoop. [Never could get the hang of one, lol]. Hm, maybe I should make a youtube video – and distribute it for FREE, just to HELP people! Take that, top dog. *giggle*


  4. I am sorry that your good intentions got misunderstood- It is sad to think that everyone in this world would attach monetary value to something that has been part of quilting and crafting from forever in time. Traditionally you would have learned at the hands of experienced quilters who shared their talents, expertise and even their patterns.
    One thing that I have enjoyed on the quilt forum that is part of Connecting Threads ( no costs to join) is the relationships that I have built with the quilters on the forum. Those relationships help me to have confidence to ask the questions I might not ask in other circumstances.
    I hope you do continue with your project – helping others and sharing one's knowledge is what makes the world go around in my books.

    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,


  5. As one of those who relies on help from others and free information, cudo's to you. I am always happy to help people when I can, but my advice is more on the line, do the opposite of what I do, lol. I am hand piecing an octagon quilt and winging it, as usual.



  6. good luck I for one give you a lot of credit for doing this and think it is wonderful
    will be nice to have a place to ask questions and get answers without having to buy something!
    the quilt police are usually the ones that are out for themselves and or just want to be in total control of their yahoo group but do they ever think that the yahoo group is made up of people and they should have the say on the list not the list owner?
    enough of my rant!


  7. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. The project continues!!! If any of you would like to answer any of the great questions that continue to be submitted, please contact me via email.

    Also, please note that while the kind of behavior that was mentioned in this blog post can happen on ANY forum on ANY website, Yahoo was not the one I was talking about here.


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