Q and A for Quilters: Amazing Participation!

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When I first started talking about the Q and A for Quilters project, emails started to trickle into my in box.   Now they’re coming in like a FLOOD, and I’m so excited!

There’s still room for YOU to participate! You can submit questions, answers, or BOTH!

 Submitting Questions

If you could ask an experienced quilter any questions you wanted, what would they be? What do you want to learn from another quilter that you don’t already know? Questions can be about any technique, skill, method, tools, design process, color or fabric selection, etc.   Nothing is too silly or stupid to ask!

Please brainstorm and send your questions to me via email at

caronmosey at gmail dot com


Submitting Answers

If there are questions, we need people to answer them.  If you’re an experienced quilter (not brand new), your input is needed to answer the tons of questions that are coming in.  If you can answer a couple of questions, please send me an email at

caronmosey at gmail dot com

with ANSWERS in the subject line of the email.

Include the following information in your email please:

-Your name

-Your location

-Your email

-A short description of your quilting history (2 lines maximum)

-A link to your website or blog

-Do you have a specialty? If so, please state it so that I can forward you questions in your area of expertise.


No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of quilting you like to do, you can participate in this wonderful project of quilters helping quilters!