November Block of the Month

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Every parent wants their child to eat a healthy diet. My Mother-in-Law is an excellent baker, and every Thanksgiving, she bakes delicious pumpkin pies.  In our family, we put heaps of whipped cream on top (via Coolwhip that we call “dilly whip”).  My sons always wanted to start the meal with the pumpkin pie, but were forced to wait.  They would pick at their food, saving room, of course, for the pie.

When dessert time came, Grandma would give them huge pieces with lots of “dilly whip.”  Yes, they could have seconds, because of course, following the guidelines for a balanced meal, pumpkin pie is the perfect food.

Pumpkin pie has:

  • Vegetable food group (squash!)
  • Dairy food group (cream)
  • Protein food group (eggs)
  • Grain food group (crust)

Balanced Food Group

Since the quilting doesn’t show up well in the picture above, here’s another picture:



That crazy cartoon turkey is standing in my pie!

*Pattern available next week

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