Feathered Cheddar Quilt Top: Complete!

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It took a couple of months, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this quilt has turned out!   It does everything I wanted it to do.  I wanted to:

  • make a hand quilted quilt (I love hand quilting!)
  • make a traditional 4-block quilt
  • make a traditional two-color quilt
  • use the old “cheddar” color which was popular back in the mid-late 1800’s
  • make something that was traditional, yet very contemporary in appearance

Fewer and fewer quilters are hand quilting their own work.  Many are sending their quilt tops out for others to machine quilt on something called a “long arm” quilting machine.  The machines are very expensive, and while there many machine quilters who are very talented, there are also many more that are not.  I don’t hand quilt every single quilt I make. But I try to have one in the frame or quilting hoop as much as possible.

I can’t start quilting on it right away.  This baby needs just the right FEATHERS quilted on it, which means it will take me awhile to mark the design on the quilt.  And there is plenty of room to quilt a beautiful design!!! 

Thanks to my dear hubby for holding it up for me to take a picture for you!

The quilt is 100 percent Kona cotton, appliquéd by hand.  I think I’ll quilt it in navy thread so the feathers are more visible.  Yippie!  So excited! 

Kind of reminds me of my second book:


5 thoughts on “Feathered Cheddar Quilt Top: Complete!

  1. Oh BRAVO Caron – this is spectacular! You are so right about the quilting, I love to have at least one hand-quilted quilt going. And if I machine quilt, I do it myself. So it's not fancy – it holds the quilt together. Fancy is for handwork, lol.
    I think navy thread would be perfect!


  2. you need to make this a pattern!
    I just LOVE this quilt and oh yes all that hand quilting space perfect.
    I am working on hand quilting more of my quilts as well
    I do send them out to be basted though I just hate basting anymore!
    navy thread your brave!!!!!
    Its going to be an heirloom for sure!


  3. you are so right, hand work is being tossed along the way side among quilters, everyone seems to be “sending” their quilts out to be quilted. Some machine quilting is good, some isn't. I have hand quilted all of my quilts over the years and intend to keep doing so until I can't because my hands quit on me 🙂 I hope some quilters will go back to hand quilting to keep the art alive – but recently after talking to some quilters I found out they have never quilted any of their tops but have always had someone else do them.
    Navy thread will look great on this quilt.


  4. That is an absolutely FABULOUS design and the colors are to die for!! Is there even the remotest chance that you will create a pattern of it to sell to us 'non-design' types? PLEASE?!!! LOL


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