Caron’s Quilt Market – a long way from Houston

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It’s been years since I was in Houston.  I’ve been debating on whether or not I’d want a storefront here in Michigan.  Part of me would love that; part of me would hate that.  What would I include?   Could I keep my scissors out of the fabric?  Would everything I purchase for resale just end up in my stash?  Or would it be nothing more than a simply glorified quilter’s studio for a pampered quilter?

Here are some items I would definitely include.

  • John James quilting needles  JohnJames
  • All colors of Kona cotton solids (I’m a big fan)
  • Blenders on every wall.   I adore blenders.
  • Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting (if I purchase it for resale, I can use it for a cheaper price)
  • Pincushions (love them)
  • Threads of every manufacturer and color
  • Absolutely NO KITS
  • Books on drawing feathers (I am now a feather doodler)
  • Fabric dying supplies
  • Fabric printing supplies
  • Notions – You can never have too many notions.  I go crazy in office supply stores.    Imagine what notions do to me!

I don’t think I’d make much money if I had a quilt shop or booth.  Plan on me visiting yours!

3 thoughts on “Caron’s Quilt Market – a long way from Houston

  1. Off and on I think it would be nice to open a quilt shop as there are none in my area and then think of how much work it would be – no time for travel – all the little quilt shops in our area go out of business quickly for one reason or another – and I would have no time to quilt!! Our shops sound a lot alike though – I think we like the same kind of fabric – but our needles and batting differ 🙂


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