You’ll be seeing less of me…

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Over the next year, my friends, you’ll be seeing a lot less of me.   And a lot more. 

Say what?

I mentioned recently that I had weight loss surgery.   On October 18th, I had the Roux-en-Y procedure.  There’s a fantastic explanation on this procedure here, but I warn you it’s pretty graphic. 

Why would someone do something this drastic?   For many reasons.  First, let me dispel a few myths.

  1. People get fat because they choose to.   Absurd.  Nobody wants to be overweight.
  2. Genes don’t make you overweight.  They sure do contribute to the mix!
  3. All you have to do is stop eating.   Guess that explains why at 1000 calories I still gained weight.
  4. Emotions have nothing to do with weight gain.    Also absurd.   They have so much to do with being overweight.
  5. Having weight loss surgery is the easy way out.   OMG, no it’s not!   This is certainly not easy!   This is major surgery, and life-changing.

Let me explain.

I was adopted at 6 months by a loving, thin couple.  My weight became a problem in my junior year of high school, when I worked at a Girl Scout camp in Michigan.  I over did it on peanut butter and honey sandwiches, eaten during times of stress.  I gained 5 pounds that summer.  Then, when I became a mom, it really hit and was a life-time struggle.

I should tell you that I know my birth parents.  On my maternal side, everyone is large, and has been for generations. 

I’ve been on every diet you can name and have gone in and out like a yo-yo,  I’m tired of being overweight, tired of being unhealthy, and anxious to be more active in my older years.  I opted for this surgery to give me a chance at life.  Someone commented recently on this blog that the surgery was “just for weight loss.”  It’s not.  It’s for so much more. 

My surgery was on October 18th.  And already, I feel so much better!

Until you stand in someone else’s shoes, you can’t understand what makes them tick.  Why am I posting this personal information on this blog?  For only one reason.  Somewhere out there in blogland, there may be someone who desperately wants help losing weight.  They may need to talk with someone who has been in a similar situation.  And I’m happy to talk with anybody who is looking for options and help. 

Periodically, I will post my stats so that those who are curious can see how I’m doing.  Also, each month, I will post comparison pictures of my loss.  I’m so excited about this!  And I’m anxious to see the changes that are coming. 

If you know someone interested in going this route to help them become healthier, please send them to this link:

It is the website that has been my lifeline to information that is going to transform my life. 

6 thoughts on “You’ll be seeing less of me…

  1. All best wishes Caron. I am sure this wasn't an easy decision. How wonderful to see some significant weight loss so far.
    I am on a different journey – a doctor-supervised diet program (think: lots of protein shakes). This is the correct choice for me. ( I am concerned about maintenance issues). I also am keeping track of my weight loss on my blog, I will come back and watch yours! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Congratulations on your choice for life. If you are doing it for yourself you will be successful. Just as in quitting smoking, loosing weight can only be successful if it is done for the right reasons.

    I have chosen another path because I am not eligible for any weight surgery option. I am going through the Jewish Hospital Weight Management Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a doctor supervised weight loss program based on the Optifast product made by Nestle(R). It is an 800 calorie program with additional allowed items beyond the Optifast. So far I have lost over 25 pounds in 10 weeks. We all have a weigh in and blood pressure every week. Also, bi-weekly we have a blood draw to make sure that our health is not being stressed. The results are discussed with a doctor the following week. A group meeting is required every week with a psychologist who has gone through the program as the leader. We can share every step forward and each time we have made a poor choice.

    Regardless of the choice of program; anyone who really wants to get back into shape can make it happen. Unless we take care of ourselves we cannot take care of our loved ones.

    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio


  3. I am so proud of you for doing this – I think it's fabulous, and you are going to thank yourself the rest of your life. I never had a struggle with losing, I struggled with gaining – so thin I looked ill, up through my 30's. I was healthy but nobody believed it. When I turned 40, my metabolism flipped, and now I struggle the other way! Let me tell you, when you've eaten however you wanted all your life, and eaten fattening foods by the pound, trying to stop is not easy. I don't even eat that much anymore, and yet I still gain. Either way, the struggle can take over your life and make you desperately unhappy. I'm thrilled for you that you've done this and I'm pulling for you all the way.


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