Bloggers Fall Quilt Festival 2010

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Amy, thanks again for sponsoring this fun festival!

For this festival, I chose to pull out a quilt I made years ago, as it’s one of my favorites!

As a child, my father read to me every single night before I went to sleep.  One of my favorites was a poem by Robert Louis Stephenson called “Windy Nights.” 


Windy Nights
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Whenever the moon and stars are set, 
       Whenever the wind is high, 
All night long in the dark and wet, 
       A man goes riding by. 
Late in the night when the fires are out, 
       Why does he gallop and gallop about? 
Whenever the trees are crying aloud, 
       And ships are tossed at sea, 
By, on the highway, low and loud, 
       By at the gallop goes he. 
By at the gallop he goes, and then 
       By he comes back at the gallop again.

WindyNights1The quilt is done in appliqué, with hand dyed fabrics, cotton, satin and embroidery.   Close-up It is hand quilted and was made in the late 80’s.

Photos are clickable to see a larger image.

14 thoughts on “Bloggers Fall Quilt Festival 2010

  1. fantastic!! and how fun to have your dad read to you every nite. my mom sang to me every nite, so i have that memory…i should come up with a quilt to commemorate that. have a great day and thanks for sharing


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