Preparation for Hand Quilting

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I refuse to crawl on the floor to pin my quilts for hand quilting.   Here is what I do:



Take 4 of these babies (made by dear hubby Dean)


Add 4 long pieces of highly-crafted wood and fabric strips






Clamp them together into a rectangle or square using inexpensive C-clamps found at any hardware store



Layer the quilt sandwich on the frame by pinning in place on the attractive fabric strips, above


Make good use of tiny brass pins and pin the sandwich approx. every 4 inches across the entire quilt DSC02950 DSC02951

Roll quilt as needed to reach the center

Unpin the sandwich at the wood all the way around, then put everything away until the next quilt top is ready!

Put quilt sandwich in my quilting hoop or beautiful quilting frame dear hubby made (for which I no longer have room to use).

Voila!   No more crawling on the floor or spreading the sandwich on my dining table.