Calendar BOM

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After one whole year of designing and making a calendar quilt block for every month, the year is now complete!  Each block has been available online FREE for at least a full month (some for the entire year).  While the blocks are no longer available free, they are available at a very affordable price if you missed one (or more).

January February
Januaryblock Februaryblock
March April
March April
May June
Mayblock JuneBlock
July August
September October
November December

All blocks are copyright 2010 Brookside Creations and may not be made for sale. 

To purchase one or more blocks, go to Paypal and sign in.  Click on the tab that says SEND MONEY.  Enter into the email address space.  Click on the tab that says PURCHASE, and check GOODS.  Enter the amount of the purchase you are making:

1 block = $4.00
3 blocks = $9.00
6 blocks = $12.00
12 blocks = $15.00


Send me an email at and let me know which blocks you would like, and provide me with your email address and full name.  

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from me (Caron Mosey) with your attached block patterns in PDF.  Please include your email address and full name.

Add this email address to your email program so that your order won’t end up in your spam folder:

Randomness in Blue

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BlueLily Blue Lily

AtticWindows Attic Windows

BobsQuilt2 1985 Bob’s Log Cabin

DSC01565 Loren’s Rail Fence

DSC01929 French Star

DSC02292 Loren and Marge’s Quilt

LadyLady of the Lake

I guess I do like blue after all!