Feathered Cheddar Home Stretch

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I haven’t posted in over a week… please forgive me!   I’ve been sitting under this quilt, finishing up quilting the orange portion.   I love how it’s looking, and only have the border to do now!   I have really enjoyed quilting this, and have been dedicated to getting it accomplished. 


Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them so you can see more details.

Have you downloaded the Quilters’ Q and A yet?  You can get it here:


Questions were submitted by quilters all over the world, asking all kinds of how-to questions.  Answers were submitted from other quilters and compiled in a 35+ page pdf document.  More questions need answers.    Can you help by answering one or two?   Download it and see if you can participate… or learn something you don’t already know!

It’s Finally Here! How Do Other Quilters Do That?

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clip_image002If you could ask an experienced quilter any questions you wanted, what would they be?  What do you want to learn from another quilter that you don’t already know?  Questions can be about any technique, skill, method, tools, design process, color or fabric selection, etc.  

This project was started in the late summer of 2010.  It’s an ongoing project, which means it’s not in its finished format.  It’s finished format is up to you, the quilter.  I am still getting new questions almost every day.  And quilters still are telling me that they would like to provide answers!  So this is a project that keeps growing…

     …and growing

…and growing!

And that’s perfectly fine!

If you click on the symbol below, it will take you to a pdf document of Version I of “How Do Other Quilters Do That?”

If you’d like to submit other questions, contact me (Caron Mosey).  If you would like to answer a question or two, also contact me. 

In addition, quilters have many different ways of tackling various quilting methods.   You might have an answer that is different than one that has been provided.  Remember, that doesn’t make that answer wrong – it’s just one option that works for one quilter.  Feel free to submit another viewpoint!

Thanks to all of the quilters who have participated so far.  There are so many that could be named, but I’ll just leave it as it is.  And speaking of names, you will notice that the quilters who have answered questions have been listed in the text, yet the quilters who have asked the questions have not.   I did that for a reason.   The people asking the questions could be anyone – you, me, your neighbor, someone in another country, someone who is 12 or 82.  We are truly helping ALL quilters around the world as we answer these questions!

I hope there is something here for you to learn. I encourage you to go out and help another quilter. After all, that’s what quilting has always been about: people helping people sew quilts. May it always be sew.

Feel free to share this document with another quilter or with your guild.  Please give them the link so that they might find it and download it.  Pass it on!  Version 2 is in the works… why don’t you be a part of it?


What Have I Accomplished?

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I went back to work this week, and I’m SO glad it’s Friday!  I used up all my strength getting in and out of our new HUGE building.  It’s quite a walk getting from the car to the door I go in, then I have an even longer walk to get to where my desk is inside.  Fortunately, a lot of my time is spent in the same area all day, so I’m not walking constantly.   HOWEVER, there’s nothing like a huge building with carpeting everywhere to entice one to go walking inside several times a day, and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Beats a treadmill any day!

I’ve found I have very little strength when I get home, so in the evenings, I’m planted in my leather chair with “THE QUILT” on my lap.  I’ve gotten about 3 hours quilting in every night this week, and I’m on the home stretch on the cheddar part of the quilt.   Once that’s finished, the borders should go by quickly.


Now I know how people get so much quilting done:   That’s all they do! 

Wish I had more exciting things to share, but it’s been that kind of a week.  Have a great weekend!

The Coffee Mugs Have Arrived!

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Quilter’s Coffee Mugs are now available for shipping.  If you have placed an order, these will ship out next Monday, November 8th. 

If you have not yet ordered, see this post for information!

A Feathered Cheddar Update

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Yesterday I visited my surgeon and got approval to go back to work on Monday.   Part of me is happy.   Part of me is disgusted.  Doesn’t he know that if I had another 3 weeks off I could probably finish quilting this quilt?
First, a close-up of the quilting.  The little cross hatches were placed at 3/4 inches.  I wanted them tiny.  You can see the little dime that fits perfectly in the square.  These are so easy to quilt!
Next, the corner feathers.  These are a little more fiddly to quilt, but fun all the same. 
And a quick peek at the whole thing… I really have accomplished quite a bit in my time off work!  I’m saving the blue border until last.  NOTE:  The blue border is one color blue, not two.  The dark that you see along the very edge is the back folded over to the front and basted so that the batting doesn’t get pulled or stretched when my cat tries to help me quilt.

2010 International Quilt Association Winners

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2010 Winners in Quilts:
A World of Beauty,

the annual fall Judged Show of the

International Quilt Association


Click here to be amazed!

Spools quilt – Klosjes

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Today’s the day… I’ve been wanting to start on a hand-piecing project and make a medium-sized spools quilt.  I’ve looked at a variety of different patterns:

spools1 spools2spools3



Spools 10

spools7 spools6spools5

So I drafted mine out…


And made my templates… and I’m ready to go.

FYI:  I made my templates exactly the way you see here.  I trace around the templates and add the seam allowance when I cut the fabric out. 




The sewing began!


Once you start sewing on these, they go together very quickly and are a lot of fun.   Each one has a different light background.

Stay tuned!

Randomness in Browns and Golds

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Loren and Marge’s Wedding Quilt

Bars With Stars

Streak of Lightening miniature quilt

Rail Fence

Loren and Marge’s Quilt

Ocean Waves, 1985

Bear’s Paw 2007

Paper Lanterns