A Feathered Cheddar Update

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Yesterday I visited my surgeon and got approval to go back to work on Monday.   Part of me is happy.   Part of me is disgusted.  Doesn’t he know that if I had another 3 weeks off I could probably finish quilting this quilt?
First, a close-up of the quilting.  The little cross hatches were placed at 3/4 inches.  I wanted them tiny.  You can see the little dime that fits perfectly in the square.  These are so easy to quilt!
Next, the corner feathers.  These are a little more fiddly to quilt, but fun all the same. 
And a quick peek at the whole thing… I really have accomplished quite a bit in my time off work!  I’m saving the blue border until last.  NOTE:  The blue border is one color blue, not two.  The dark that you see along the very edge is the back folded over to the front and basted so that the batting doesn’t get pulled or stretched when my cat tries to help me quilt.

8 thoughts on “A Feathered Cheddar Update

  1. Dumb doctors – what do they know? I think you should stay home and finish recovering. *G*
    This is SUCH a beautiful quilt- your stitching is perfection! And you've gotten so much done, wow!


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