Feathered Cheddar–Finished!

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“Feathered Cheddar” was started in mid-August of 2010 using Kona Cotton in Windsor Blue and School Bus Yellow.  The School Bus Yellow was chosen because it most accurately matches the traditional “cheddar” color utilized in quilts dating back to the Civil War.  Another traditional element is the use of a “four block” setting.

“Feathered Cheddar” was finished on January 9, 2011. 
It is entirely hand-appliqued and hand quilted, and measures 62 x 62 inches.
Here are a few random photos showing details:
1092011FF 1092011D1092011U
It’s difficult to capture the stitching, as different settings tend to wash everything out.1092011X 

I think my next quilt will be much more contemporary… stay tuned!