Barns, Owls and Spool Quilts

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I haven’t done much blogging lately, I know.  So sorry for that!   Sometimes life takes over, or you just go through a dry spell.  I’m working on two quilts:  One I have given a working title of “Barn Owl,” and a Spools quilt.  I’ve told you that I love owls, haven’t I?  I’ve had a couple different photos lying around… one of a barn, one of barn slicean owl.  (I like old barns, too!).  So I’m combining the two and making one art quilt.  For me.  Unless somebody loves it to pieces and can convince me to sell it.  Then maybe… 

< A sneak peek of the barn… No, you can’t see the whole thing!

I’ve been putting off starting a quilt for the final year of Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational.  The theme is “Art of the Kitchen,” and I kind of know what I want to do, but not totally.  It’s due in mid July, so I have a little time.  And, the quilt is only 20 x 24 inches.  I need to get a new printer that I can use to print images on fabric.  Any suggestions?  And speaking of printing on fabric, do you buy the fabric sheets that are all ready for printing, or do you prepare your own fabric for printing with a solution like Bubble Jet Set?  Your advice is greatly appreciated!

This weekend we are going to see the Detroit Pistons and hopefully head to a motorcycle show north of here.  Perhaps we’ll find a really sweet ride that will seat two of us.  Now that I’m the “Incredible Shrinking Caron,”  I’m anxious to get moving more and enjoying more of life.  So watch out world!

Hope you have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Barns, Owls and Spool Quilts

  1. I bought the sheets but I do not think they hold up well. I made a family picture quilt using Ami Simms papers back in 2000 and the pictures are darkening and the colors are changing. I do not think the picture quilts have longevity regardless of how you treat them or make them.

    I use to use them for my quilt lables but they wash away.



  2. I love owls too – I'm looking forward to seeing your Barn Owl quilt!
    I've only used the sheets that go in the printer. I used the kind you can wash, so made a very small quilt for my mum. I printed the picture and a poem on it, and it has held up nicely. I hope that motorcycle show is indoors, Caron…


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