Spools Quilt is Almost Finished!

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Just one more narrow blue border… and it will be finished!  

…at least I think so.  I’m still debating whether or not to include some appliqued words around the tan border.  I don’t know whether it will look good or not.  What do you think?  Just leave it as is?  Or words?

March2011Many of my regular readers might remember me having surgery back in October of 2010.  I’m SO THRILLED with the difference it has made in how I look and how I feel.  Five months later, I’m working out regularly at the gym and walking on the treadmill at home.  I’m so much more active that I was this time last year.  Actually, this time last year if I walked for 5 minutes I was winded and had to sit down.  Now I can easily walk for an hour at a good pace.

Here’s what an 82 pound loss looks like!  Yes, I know, my clothes look too big for me.  They are!   When I buy a pair of pants, they fit for about 2 weeks, and then they are baggy.  But that’s a GOOD thing!  On Friday, I pick up my father at the airport.  He hasn’t seen me since November 1st, and I know he’ll be so impressed with the difference.  Can’t wait to see the look on his face!

Special thanks to The Woodworker for taking my picture every month on my surgery-versary date!

World Traveler–NOT!

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visited 20 states (40%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

The red shows the states I have visited on vacation or through teaching quilting for shows and guilds over the years.  I need to see more of the United States!   What would your map look like?  Create your own by clicking above.  It’s fun to see how much of the map you have covered!

Quilt Bloggers and Twitter Twibes

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Are you a quilter?   Are you a blogger?  Do you use Twitter?   If so, then we need you in our Twibe! 

What is Twibes?!?!?

Twibes organizes Twitter conversations by topic which makes it easier for you to find them, stay up to date, and participate.  The group QuiltBlogger puts all discussions about quilt blogging together in once place. Once we have a group of people who are interested in quilt blogging, the possibilities are endless!  We can share ideas, themes for blogging, contests, and so much more.  Come on over to  http://www.twibes.com/group/QuiltBlogger and join us!


An “Ice Day” to Stay Inside

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I’m in Mid-Michigan, where it’s been spring for only a few days.  Yet Mother Nature decided she wanted to send another blast of ice, sleet and snow our way, covering everything with a thick glaze.  Everything is closed: schools, senior citizen centers, etc.  I could go to work at my day job, but I think I’ll take this opportunity to work at home and get a few critical items checked off my list.


The Woodworker took this picture last night when he got home.  Today it’s much worse.  What you’re seeing is not snow, it’s ice.  Yucky, slippery, cold ice.  Not worth risking life and limb to get to work.  I’ve convinced myself.  Twisted my own arm. 

Stay safe, Michigan!

A Spool Update

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Two more spool borders to go…

I Need Some Sunshine

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It’s no secret that I live in Michigan, and this winter has been unusually cold and snowy. In fact, February 2011 is reported to have set a record for snow totals. I am ready for some sunshine!

We have a place in our hallway for a quilt to hang. Several years ago, we purchased a curtain rod which the Woodworker hung up for me. I rotate quilts as the urge hits me, and yesterday I decided I needed some sunshine in the hall. So this quilt came down…


as it was too dreary for spring, and this quilt was hung up (after I put a hanging sleeve on the back).

The quilt is called “French Star” and it is hand appliqued and pieced, and hand quilted. The center of the block is stipple quilted (all by hand) and I really enjoyed the stippling process. The stippling really makes the open stitched design pop out, almost like trapunto (see picture below).
I have to find some other things I can do to SPRING UP the house.


You can click on the photos to enlarge them and see more detail.

What do you do to bring the warmth inside?

Help Susan Celebrate!

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Susan from Susan’s Texas Quilting Adventures is celebrating her 3rd “Blogoversary” with a giveaway of some nice fabric.  If you don’t mind having a chance to get some additional fabric, wander over to her website and say hello. 

Oh, I know, “Not more fabric!”  

Yeah, we’ll twist your arm.  The fabric is GORGEOUS!  So are her quilts! 

I worked a little on my spools quilt over the weekend, adding the narrow blue border and a row of spools on the edge.  Still more to do!DSC04152

I also worked on this:


Nope, I won’t tell you what it’s going to be. 

Just sit tight. You’ll figure it out!

Looking Backward… and Forward

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Caron Grandma Grandpa Covert

I happened to be at Dad’s house today and pulled out a photo album of old pictures.  This is lil’ me with my Grandma and Grandpa Covert.  I was two. 

Here I am at three, below.

Caron Dec 1959



I was an only child for almost nine years, so there are a lot of pictures of me when I was little. You know how it is… when you have more than one child, the camera doesn’t seem to get used as much. 

Caron June 1959

And then at around age 3.5.  I must have had an itch here! 

Here I am at age seven with Ginger, Grandma Ryan’s boxer. Caron Nov 1963 with Ginger She loved boxers, and had several.  They were all called Ginger.  She’d get a new dog when the old one passed away, and kept the name.  I always thought that was very strange.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past 24 hours, what with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and all.  It seems like the past several years have brought so many natural disasters around the world.  How do people who survive them cope?  A fellow quilt blogger in Japan, Tanya writes on her blog almost daily, and I’ve been watching for her updates frequently and praying for her and her husband and the people of Japan.  Her most recent post shows photos of the inside of her house after the quake.  How shocking!  Please stop by her blog and let her know you’re there. <=click here! 

I pray that those in Japan will heal in time.  May God’s blessings be upon them through their struggles.



Two Tops From Old Quilt Parts

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RestoredPinwheel1983I love hand quilting so much that in 1983 I bought these blue and white pinwheel blocks just so that I could put them together and start hand quilting. The problem was, I bought a very heavy cotton batting, and once I started quilting it was a killer on the hands.  But I kept going!  It’s called “Restored Pinwheel.”


I found another set of 30 album blocks not long after that and tossed those together to have something to hand quilt on.  Love the colors in this quilt, though the outside border could have been jazzed up a little more.

At the time I made these quilts, we were living in our first home, which was formerly my husband’s grandparents home.  It had a garage with a good southern-facing wall for photography.  On the days I photographed these two quilts though, it was a bit too sunny!

Quilt Blog Design

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If you’re reading the Michigan Quilts! blog, you must either like quilts, are a quilter yourself, or stumbled here by accident or design. 

Would you mind taking a few moments to comment IN GENERAL about what appeals to you most about the visual aspect of quilting blogs?

Is it…

  • the colors that are used on the blog
  • the way the blog is organized
  • the header design (at the top of the blog)
  • the font that is used in writing
  • the amount of quilts or quilting pictures that are included
  • the amount of writing that is included in each post

IN GENERAL, what turns you off the most about a blog? 

Is it…

  • the colors that are used on the blog
  • the way the blog is organized
  • the header design (at the top of the blog)
  • the font that is used in writing
  • the amount of quilts or quilting pictures that are included
  • the amount of writing that is included in each post

Please don’t mention any one blog by name or address.  Just share your likes and dislikes.  Your input is greatly appreciated!