Still Spoolin’ Around

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I’m on the home stretch!  The tan border will have one row of spools all around it, followed by a more narrow matching tan border.  Then it will be done!  Only about 40 more individual spools to sew…

Once the borders are in place, the FUN part begins!  I’d like to applique words on the inner tan border in a turquoise fabric.  Not sure about that yet… I need to see how the quilt looks first.

FieldsofGoldAre you a reader?  I’ve been voraciously reading since I got my Kindle in early February.  I find I’m being drawn to good writing and the use of words that have been selected by the author.  I find myself sitting and chewing on phrases that are crafted with such perfection… the mark of a great writer.  I just finished reading “Fields of Gold” by Marie Bostwick.   What a great book!

Other books by Marie Bostwick (ones I have read are in bold print):

  • A Thread So Thin

  • A Thread of Truth

  • A Single Thread

  • On Wings of the Morning

  • Comfort and Joy

  • River’s Edge

2 thoughts on “Still Spoolin’ Around

  1. Love your spools quilt!! I love Marie's books. She is a friend of mine and does a fantastic job. Her newest book for the Cobbled Court Quilts will be released in June! Can't wait. Also, I was able to interview her on my Podcast you can check it out, it was a fun one to do with her.


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