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If you’re reading the Michigan Quilts! blog, you must either like quilts, are a quilter yourself, or stumbled here by accident or design. 

Would you mind taking a few moments to comment IN GENERAL about what appeals to you most about the visual aspect of quilting blogs?

Is it…

  • the colors that are used on the blog
  • the way the blog is organized
  • the header design (at the top of the blog)
  • the font that is used in writing
  • the amount of quilts or quilting pictures that are included
  • the amount of writing that is included in each post

IN GENERAL, what turns you off the most about a blog? 

Is it…

  • the colors that are used on the blog
  • the way the blog is organized
  • the header design (at the top of the blog)
  • the font that is used in writing
  • the amount of quilts or quilting pictures that are included
  • the amount of writing that is included in each post

Please don’t mention any one blog by name or address.  Just share your likes and dislikes.  Your input is greatly appreciated!

13 thoughts on “Quilt Blog Design

  1. Couldn't really say what makes me stay. It's just a feeling, sort of like certain quilt shops – when you walk in the door, you feel at ease.

    What will make me leave is music players – kind where music just starts playing not a YouTube entry that serves as the blog's post. I am usually already listening to the music that I enjoy while surfing around blogs. I will say that I have NEVER heard a song on a blog that I enjoyed.


  2. I leave if the fonts are to small… less than 12 points … too small for me to waste my time reading it… I AM SAVING MY EYES FOR QUILTING….

    I ENJOY pictures most of all but I try and read most of what is posted. I like best when the text discusses the pictures.

    I register my favorite blogs on GOOGLE READER so that I can follow them.

    I hope you will share the info with other bloggers that visit you here.



  3. Color and font choices speak to me about the blogger, not the blog. It's the content, the style of quilting, the quality of the writing and pictures that really earn my loyalty. I'm not sure you can predict for other people's taste.

    One major turn off for me is music, even if it's music I enjoy I don't want to hear it when I'm blog surfing. I have never once decided not to follow a blog because of the background or the header style, but I have chosen not to follow blogs because of the music that plays when I visit them. But for every one of me there might be someone out there who says “But I LOVE blogs with music, I ALWAYS bookmark them.”

    Good luck!


  4. Turn offs: music and flashy animations. O and don't forget small fonts. I know I can turn up the font size by holding down Cntl and tapping the + key but then the next blog will be over-sized if I forget to Cntl and minus key. I find it is easier for me to read a serif font like Times Roman versus a sans-serif like Arial. Black text on either a gray, white or off-white background is also easier to read. I love photos but not endless photos of the same thing just a different angle. I'll scroll through so fast I could get a speeding ticket. And then we have content. I leave if there are too many grammatical and spelling errors, just a quirk of mine.


  5. I absolutely HATE the music that some bloggers have on their pages!!!

    That's why I usually have the volume turned off my computer.

    What do I like?

    Funny, humourous bloggers… writing about their daily lives, mixed with quilting or rug hooking.

    As Libby wrote, when you walk in the door, you feel at ease. *s*

    Font, special heading pictures, etc, etc… is just “fluff”. I don't think it makes me decide to visit and read the blog or not.

    What I don't care for is people that blog once a month or longer. Most times, they get dropped off my list.

    Hope this helps!



  6. Came back after surfing and thought I would mention I like a crisp clear contrast between font color and background.

    I dislike the dark/ black background with white / yellow or barely readable fonts. As I said before I like to avoid eye strain and save my eyes for quilting.

    Content is important. I do not return to blogs that do not have quilting content as primary topic. I have limited time to surf … love tutorials… love quilt pictures ….. I also love quilting podcasts.



  7. I stop and read a blog if there is an interesting picture or if the title interests me. I love to read through almost any tutorial or a quilt show review (with pictures)

    I won't read a blog if there are no pictures or too much writing between pictures.


  8. When I am reading quilting blogs these two are the ones that determine how much I like them:
    # the amount of quilts or quilting pictures that are included
    # the amount of writing that is included in each post

    I think most of all it is the balance between the pictures and the writing.

    My least favorite are the blogs where the colors are distracting. One big issue for me is the low contrast between background and text. As my eyes age, I can't read those low contrast blogs with ease. And don't put tiny type in low contrast…that is where I unsubscribe!


  9. I'm not sure what makes me want to go back, other than it's a blog with quilt-related content that piques my interest and has a comfortable feel to it. Rather nebulous, I know — but it's hard to describe.

    What drives me away from a blog in seconds is music. There are a few blogs I used to read but stopped solely because of the music. Same thing with dark backgrounds and light text. That's way too hard to read.


  10. I had no idea how many people agreed with me about the music. I never add blogs with music to my sidebar, because I'm afraid I might accidentally surf to one at work during lunch and it will start blaring out loud. I also hate the light text/black background; my eyes can't take that. I don't judge a blog by its banner or color scheme, but on its content. There is one blog I like just because it gives me access to tons of blogs on the other side of the world, with a REALLy well set-up blog roll.

    I like a high picture to text ratio too, but I'm just as guilty of being too texty. And if people write interesting stuff I'll read the whole thing. I also like the regular posters; it disappoints me when bloggers I enjoy disappear for weeks at a time.

    I like hearing about people's pets and kids and vacations. I like thinking that I'm connecting with people from around the world who share my passions and interests.

    I have to say that if I leave several comments on someone's blog, eventually I think they should check out my blog and leave a comment. Emailing me back is nice, but it feels like a one-way street to me. I'm in this to learn stuff, enjoy myself and make friends.

    Thanks for asking,
    Susan in Texas


  11. I thought I'd add my own comment(s) after Susan's great reflections, which I totally agree with. It drives me nuts when I read somebody's blog and get a clear impression that they are trying really hard to be a “hot shot” in the quilting world. I love a blog when the writer is just being her/himself. Don't try to impress me. Just be you.

    To go along with that, when all someone blogs about is what they have for sale and PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, I'm done. It is for that very reason that I abandoned one particular BIG NAME quilter's blog. I got so tired of hearing everything that I could buy from her that I had enough. Bye bye!

    I find that I am really drawn to a blog that exudes a particular feeling, whether it is tranquility, gentleness, comfortable coziness… It makes me want to “live” at that blog. Does that make sense? The feeling comes across through the whole package: pictures, blog design (colors, fonts, etc.) and the writer's style of writing. I love http://birdnestontheground.blogspot.com for that reason. I also love Tanya's blog at http://tttl1998.blogspot.com/ and enjoy learning about her life in Japan. I feel like I know her so well!


  12. This is a very interesting subject.
    I didn't even know people had music because my sound is turned off. I rather dislike light text on dark background and cursive writing is a but too much for my taste. I do follow blogs with these things for other reasons.
    I like pictures and explanation of process I like more hand work beccause I am a hand piecer and quilter. I enjoy frequent posters but if all one has to post is a picture of one block or another hexie, I don't stay around long or comment. I am not attracted to people selling stuff or bragging about how many quilts they whipped out this week. I do not need give-aways. (my own stash will last me two lifetimes)AND every now and then you find a kindred spirit, someone who is more real than people you know in person. The more you communicate the more you find you have in common and seeing that person's name in your in-box or comment spce makes you happy before you even open the message!


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