Two Tops From Old Quilt Parts

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RestoredPinwheel1983I love hand quilting so much that in 1983 I bought these blue and white pinwheel blocks just so that I could put them together and start hand quilting. The problem was, I bought a very heavy cotton batting, and once I started quilting it was a killer on the hands.  But I kept going!  It’s called “Restored Pinwheel.”


I found another set of 30 album blocks not long after that and tossed those together to have something to hand quilt on.  Love the colors in this quilt, though the outside border could have been jazzed up a little more.

At the time I made these quilts, we were living in our first home, which was formerly my husband’s grandparents home.  It had a garage with a good southern-facing wall for photography.  On the days I photographed these two quilts though, it was a bit too sunny!