Three Little Questions for Quilt Guilds


1. What does your quilt guild do to bring in new members?

2. Do you encourage younger members to join?

3. How do you help new members/quilters?


Would you please leave a comment below with your ideas.  If you’re not in a guild, please feel free to share any thoughts that you have.  This is called “group brainstorming,” and your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Three Little Questions for Quilt Guilds

  1. I've never joined a guild – the times I've approached anyone about joining one, I've been made to feel less than welcome. I guess blogland is my guild, lol!


  2. I've joined 2 guilds over the years and left both of them relatively quickly. The first because it was inconvenient to get to/time of meetings wasn't great for me. The second I left as new members were not made to feel particularly welcome. I think it was a product of being a huge guild with small cliques that had grown over the years.


  3. There are a couple of things my guild did differently this past guild year(I am the VP/Membership Chair so any other ideas will be welcome too!). We give shell leis to our guests and “hello my name is” name tags so that they are easily identifiable to members so that a conversation can be struck to make them feel welcome. We also have a brochure with the “ABC's” of the guild so that guests can find out quickly about what goes on in the guild. We also had plenty of these on hand for our annual quilt show (with a membership form included) so that they could join if they wanted.


  4. Well our Guild does not seem to have any problems getting new members – especially after our annual show – seems to draw folks – we have actually more than doubled our size in the past few years (which as pros/cons). New members are always recognized and asked to introduce themselves – an established member tries to “buddy up” with them to explain things the Guild does. With regards to younger members, we actually added a new bylaw stating members had to be 18 years or older to join – Frankly I strongly disagreed but was out voted – it all came about from a member wanting her 10 year old granddaughter (a proven quilter) to join.


  5. Most of our new members come in one of two ways. Either people bring in friends or one of our members is a mail carrier and she invites anyone who receives quilting magazines to our meetings!
    I don't know what makes my group special but I invited myself over 12 years ago and was made welcome from day 1. That feeling of inclusion still continues. It helps that we are relatively small, 30 – 40 members with over 20 attending each monthly meeting. We let everyone in! One of our past presidents was a male minister.


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