Mosey Boys

I remember very clearly the births of three Mosey baby boys.

Sean2weeksSean, born in 1977, was a stubborn baby.   We were hoping for a late December birth (for tax purposes), but he held off until January 5th via C-section. With dark brown hair, he looked a lot like his Grandpa Mosey.


LorenLoren was born just before Halloween in 1980.  He was our little blond boy with curly hair.  I came down with the flu right before I took him home from the hospital, and spent Halloween night hugging the porcelain throne (not fun just after a C-section).


Jacob 030Jacob, our first grandchild, born in late May of 2004.  What a mop of hair this little guy had!  And I had never seen a baby with so much hair on his back.  He certainly inherited that Mosey gene, that’s for sure. (Yes, he’s wearing his Daddy’s sleeper in this picture! See first photo above!)



See the mop O’hair on Jacob?



And now we are waiting on the next Mosey boy, due in early November! Will little Mr. Mosey be born early like his big sister Samantha?  Perhaps a Halloween baby?  Will he have dark hair like his big brother Jacob?  Lighter hair like Samantha?  Curls like his Uncle Loren?

Celebrating2Big sister Samantha celebrated the news that the baby is a boy with her daddy (Sean) on Thursday.  Oh, to be a little sister AND a big sister, surrounded by boys all around.  She will truly be Daddy’s Little Princess, that’s for sure!

We’re so excited as we wait for this new addition to the family.  Stay tuned!