Crunch time!

Why do we do this to ourselves? We pile so much on our plates and commit to completing items and then stress ourselves out!!!

On my plate:

  • Barn Owl quilt
  • Applique part of a quilt border for guild raffle quilt by October 1
  • Create 25 inch square challenge quilt for guild by November 15th
  • Make and quilt Samantha’s Polka Pot quilt for Christmas
  • Hand quilt wall-hanging for a Christmas gift
  • Quilt the Yes We Can, Jane Obama quilt by the end of 2012




So… what’s on YOUR plate?  Are you feeling a crunch?

3 thoughts on “Crunch time!

  1. Hah! I have to laugh. You are already counting into next year. At least they are still lined up in order. A deadline causes me to get things done earlier and I keep non-deadline things around to fill the gaps.


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