Hot Fun in the Summertime…

Wow, is it ever a hot one today!  I’m not a fan of extreme heat, so I’ll probably spend most of my day in the house working on Samantha’s quilt or reading. 

Hot fun in the Summertime… Sly and the Family Stone keeps running through my mind.

One year ago today our family had lots of Hot fun in the Summertime when our son and daughter-in-law were married.  Here’s some fun pictures from that great (though hot at 98 degrees) day… Clicking on a picture should open it up full size.

37619_1452289621068_1048090427_31311080_8127059_n (1) 34541_1452292221133_1048090427_31311107_837423_n 18

37668_1514623194213_1493432019_1307880_1497788_n 38450_1452291301110_1048090427_31311095_6278211_n (1) 38450_1452291501115_1048090427_31311100_641488_n 



Great music by the Trinidad Steel Drum Band! 


Hey, wait a minute!  

Why is the best man carrying the groom?

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