Two Goals for Today

I haven’t posted in a few days.  I’ve been busy working on several different things outside of my normal work day.  I have all my pinwheels sewn, and the alternating blocks are now cut, ready and waiting.  I have laid out all the blocks on the bed and positioned them the way I want them. 

Goal #1 for the day: 

blocksSew the blocks together.  I don’t know if I’ll get ALL of them sewn together, but it’s a goal.  This is for Samantha’s twin size bed, but the blocks were laid out on my queen size.

Goal #2 for the day:

Greader2Catch up on my blog reading.  I use Google Reader, which I love, but when the number of items I need to read gets above 30, it puts me into a panic.  Why do I let it do that?  Over the past three days, I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t even scanned the blogs I love.   So to my dismay, this morning the number is three times what I’d like it to be.  But then, I turned around and saw that the Woodworker is on his own Google Reader, and his number is 1000+, so I guess I need to put things into perspective.  It’s not a race, right?  There’s no punishment for having a big number, except now that you know I haven’t read blogs in a few days you might think I’ve been ignoring you.  And in talking about this with the Woodworker, he’s sure I’m off my rocker.  Aren’t you glad YOU don’t live with me? 

7 thoughts on “Two Goals for Today

  1. I use google reader also. I normally try to look at it two or three times a day so I can keep up – but I spend too much time at my computer – now and then I will just look at it once every day or two and can't keep up so I just clear it off and then I don't know what anyone wrote – I don't like doing that either.
    I have 125 listed and I need to look that over one day once again and weed out some I don't really pay attention to all that much.


  2. hey caron,

    Love the pinwheels… I think I will “borrow” the idea/ pattern for some of the charity quilts I am making….. I am so tired of four patches.

    I use google reader but have not listed very many blogs… I recently deleted the bloggers who are shops in disguise of real bloggers…. I do not need more ways to spend money … I do love the ones who talk quilting, post pictures, and show their process…. family stuff is fun too, as we do not quilt in bubble … although sometimes I want to.



  3. I have not tried google reader but I check in once or twice a day if I am home with what is listed on my dashboard. I am not interested in those with things to sell.I like to find inspiration and your pinwheels are lovely.


  4. I really really love the purple setting blocks with those pinwheels!! 🙂 Samantha is one lucky girl! 🙂 Don't sweat the small stuff—and even large numbers on the GR is small stuff LOL. Mine would REALLY put you into a panic…LOL


  5. The pinwheels are looking so well. It is definately a young girls quilt. So pretty.
    I don't use google reader,but check my dashboard to see who has written and go from there. I like simple.


  6. The quilt is looking wonderful!!! I use google reader too Caron, and I panic when it gets above 300. I read a LOT of blogs. I'm really behind right now…..although I'm only at 163.


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