What is Trapunto?

Trapunto is also called “stuffed work.” When a quilter does the quilting portion of making a quilt (stitching the three layers of the quilt together), trapunto is sometimes used to make certain designs or areas of the quilting stand out a little more.  It used to be that quilters would cut a slit in the fabric and push in “wadding (cotton batting) and then sew up the slit.  Sometimes cording is used in areas where straight lines are needed to stand out more.


You can see in the closeup photo above the areas that have trapunto added. Another way to get a similar trapunto look is by including very close quilting called “stippling” around an area you want to pop out more.

FrenchStar 011

The center of the yellow area, above, does not have any extra padding added. The puffiness is created by the very close, tiny stitches that surround the design, making it appear to be more raised.

vintage trapunto

Cording has been added to the fabric layers above to give a raised effect, or trapunto.  Stitching on either side of the inserted cording helps provide dimension.

Give trapunto a try sometime; add just a little bit to your quilting and see how you like it!

For more pictures of trapunto, visit Google images at http://bit.ly/nRZGJI .


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