A new Michigan quilt shop!

CattyWampusIt’s here!    Michigan has a new quilt shop, called Catty Wampus Fabrics.


Catty Wampus is located at

212 N. State St, Caro, MI 48723.

Their phone number is 989-672-0090

Though they have only been open one month, the owners have been very busy ordering, cleaning, painting and setting up their new business.  As with any new business, word of mouth and advertising are critical to future success.  We all know that a new venture such as this is extremely costly.  Quilters, would you please help do a little something to help spread the word? 

You could:

OK, maybe that last idea is pushing the limits… but you get the idea.  Let’s help quilters in the Thumb of Michigan get this new quilt shop rocking!

NOTE to people not from Michigan:  Michigan is shaped like a mitten.  We often refer to places on the mitten when talking about location.  So Catty Wampus is in the Thumb, and people living in the Thumb are also called “Trolls” because they live under the (Mackinac) bridge.  Murphy

Be sure and say hi to Murphy when you stop by.