Mid August in Mid Michigan

It’s a beautiful evening in Mid Michigan.  There are big puffy clouds floating through a blue sky, hubby is mowing the lawn, Stormie is playing with her toys, and I’m shooting silly shots with my camera.  Time to post them and then cut into some gorgeous fabric and start piecing my challenge quilt.

Stormie wakes from a nap…Aug17 001

and immediately has to play.Aug17 006

with several random toys

Aug17 009

The birdbath is surrounded by Artemisia.

Aug17 011

My fish know when it’s time to eat.  I step on the rock that juts out over the pond, and it makes a clunking noise.  They come to the surface and know they’ll be fed.Aug17 015

Time to do something quilty. 

Step away from your computer and go do the same!