Out and about, little sewing accomplished

Download 9112011 054
I’ve been enjoying the outdoors on the weekends lately… and while I’m having fun, not many stitches are being sewn.  Dang! No, I don’t drive the bike. I ride on the back behind my talented hubby.  I am good at holding on!  I think this bike is a little too big for me… it weighs a LOT!  How do you like the helmet hair? This pic was taken at Buell Lake in the northern part of Genesee County, Michigan.  Beautiful, quiet, serene lake.
We did make it in to see the quilt show at Longway Planetarium Saturday, but I didn’t take many pictures, so there’s not much to show you.  I had planned to see the “Art of the Kitchen” exhibit at the Greater Flint Arts Council on Friday or Saturday.  We didn’t make it Friday night for the opening, but planned to go Saturday.  We stopped by after visiting Longway, but the lights were all off and we didn’t see a soul inside.  I have a quilt in the exhibit… and their hours are all weekdays, closing at 5:00. 

I’d like to be working on this quilt:
Download 9112011 049
Perhaps if you check back in a day or two I can show you more. 
After all, it IS supposed to rain tomorrow, which means I will be home in the evening after work, perhaps sewing. 

2 thoughts on “Out and about, little sewing accomplished

  1. I don't blame you a bit, girl, enjoy it while you can – the news said frost by Friday! I wiped out in first gear on a Harley about that size, years ago. OUCH. I'd be content to just hold on too.

    And yes, that would make me angry, why no weekend hours???? That doesn't make sense. I wonder what the attendance was like. Hope you get some time to stitch!


  2. Are you sure the government isn't running that place? Embasy in Tokyo will do signature verification only during a small part of the day. Arriving a few minutes late, (after taking off work and travelling an hour and a half to get there) I was told by the clerk I would have to come back when they were open. I complained to which he said one has to go to a bank during banking hours. Yeah, but I sure wouldn't but my money in a far away bank that was only open one hour a day! I guess I can't choose the country I was born in though…


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