Now taking suggestions


How should I quilt this?

The back of the quilt has the tan stripe

running through the middle from top to bottom

(the long way)…

The Front

Top done 9172011 003

This is going to be machine quilted.  I’m looking for suggestions.  Anybody?  I don’t want the quilting so dense that it’s a stiff quilt, yet I’d like it quilted enough so that the quilting reflects an all-over pattern.  Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Please leave a comment below.  (Note:  the quilt will not have an outside border, just a tan binding)

3 thoughts on “Now taking suggestions

  1. I might select a kind of vine with leaves running from bottom to top in each ninepatch section or row. That would give a strip there on the back as well and add some rounded lines to all those blocks.
    Or maybe a row of feathers, one up and one down alternatingly. Quilting a design like that by hand might be difficult but by machine it would certainly work.


  2. I agree with Julie on the idea of vines – I like that idea a lot. I'm not good on fancy machine quilting, I tend to do straight lines, lol, or big wavy ones for water quilts.


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