Smelling the Roses

Have you ever had a big eye-opening, mind-clarifying moment that really caused you to think and reach a big decision?

I had one in the past week… It wasn’t earth-shattering, but it confirmed something for me.  I like hand sewing.  And in as much as I love beautiful machine quilting like Diane Gaudynski’s

(see this post)

it just isn’t me.  I have a Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter and a big frame for machine quilting.  But I don’t have a dozen hours to quilt every day, and machine quilting for me tends to be choppy, not smooth, and I don’t like the end results. IMG00683-20110921-1638

I don’t mind piecing, but I prefer applique.  The thing is, I’m using an old Bernina Nova that I’ve had since 1977, and it has tension issues, among other things.  I love regular sewing on my Pfaff, but it’s on the frame and a real pain to take off and put back on. I adore hand quilting – I find it so relaxing, yet it takes longer.  But that’s alright.Bernina

I am hereby declaring that I am going to slow down in my quilt making process.  I have some quilts I want to make…


I have some things I want to finish up, but I have a few quilts I want to make slowly, enjoying the whole process from start to finish.  Like a fine wine, I want to sip my way through, not gulp.  I’m toying with parting with my big “Next Generation” quilt frame, but I’m going to think about it for awhile.  I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would.  I’d like to put my big wooden frame upstairs to sew on, but have to see if it will fit in the front bedroom (the only place I can put it). 

When I finish making my grandson’s quilt and our guild’s challenge quilt, I’m packing up my Bernina for awhile.  My mom has been gone for over 4 years now, and her old Singer featherweight has been sitting in my sewing area very patiently.  I think I’m ready to open the box and pull it out.  Mom used to make most of my clothes when I was young, and my granddaughter Samantha wants me to make her a jumper so she can look like Pippi Longstocking.  I think I need to do that on Mom’s Singer.

rose_group_7I’ll still be blogging on a regular basis, but don’t expect to see continuous amounts of new quilt accomplishments.  Remember, I’m going to slow down and enjoy myself.  There are roses along the way to sniff.

4 thoughts on “Smelling the Roses

  1. Great minds think alike – I was just pondering this the other day! I love quilting on the machine, but I don't seem to enjoy the PROCESS as much as I do hand-quilting. And I can listen to a book, or watch an old movie, if I hand quilt – the machine takes all my concentration.

    I think you'll really enjoy using your mum's featherweight, too. Caron, slow down, and enjoy!!!


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