Two completions!

I’ve been busy finishing my grandson’s quilt.  He’s due to arrive in early November, but I wanted to make sure this quilt was ready and waiting… just in case he decides to make an early appearance!  I’ll get it boxed, wrapped in in a bag in the car so it’s ready when we get “THE CALL.”  I love how washing a new quilt softens it up and makes it really snuggly, don’t you? 

Finished 012Finished 009 

My quilt guild – Evening Star Quilters – is working on next year’s raffle quilt, and I volunteered to applique one of the borders. The little squirrel gets a tiny black button for his eye.  This is now ready to hand off to Lisa Burmann who designed the quilt and will be sewing it all together. I love the autumn colors in this – my favorite season of the year!  It doesn’t show up very well in this picture, but the background is a yellowish gold mottled fabric.  Very, very pretty!

Now to finish up my guild challenge quilt!  It’s almost completed, and not due until our November meeting, but remember there’s that new grandson coming!  I need to sew Samantha’s “Pippi Longstocking jumper,” hand quilt my spools quilt, and finish the top of my Barn Owl quilt.  I have a list of about 7 items to complete.  Better get started!Pippi-Longstocking


How many projects

are on YOUR list?

5 thoughts on “Two completions!

  1. I got side track by the charity quilting we had this summer for Whaley House for the Hadley Gathering Gals. We showed a number of them in last weekend's quilt show… 43 finished another 15 to go.

    I made

    Disappearing NINE patch – female ….PINK, CREAM, YELLOW, BLUES, GREENS

    BOM——12 inch blocks / gold fabric float within strips / asymmetrical



    FUNKY PINK GREEN BLACK FABRIC with Piano borders… still need to finish #2

    Need to put on borders on three other quilts made by others to bring them up to size.

    Finished my own FLORAL SPLENDOR QUILT… WILL SHOW AT ESQG … do need to take off my bad binding and re do it… but I am showing it any ways.


    Flicker photo of Hadley Quilt Show… more photos coming….


  2. I love that oak border…and the squirrel
    And you are right about washing a quilt!!…so much more inviting and soft

    projects on my list…I'm afraid to even add them up. I believe in the eating an elephant method…don't think of the whole thing, think only of one bite at a time


  3. Love the new quilt. I wish I only had 7 projets to complete!! I would hate to make a list of all the projects. I keep plugging away on them. Love the new squirrel and oak border. So pretty.


  4. I love the way the quilting turned out on the baby quilt, a really nice finish! The applique is darling as well. I try not to have too many things going at one time. I have quilting going on my batik quilt and my take-along scraps. I couldn't even begin to count the projects in my mind waiting to get out.


  5. I love the little squirrel applique. Is there a pattern available? I think it is charming.

    Looking at your baby quilt gave me some inspiration for using some fabric I just happen to have.

    I think that I have four projects in the works. Most are more than half done. Usually I do one project at a time before going to the next. This time I saw some new techniques and had to try them before I forgot how to do them. They are all coming out quite well.

    Thanks for the link to the Burmann studio. It was an interesting web site. The article on batting was very helpful.


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